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Excellent Quality Watchmaker not rolled HHS Twist Drills

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Metric Watchmaker 2 Flute Drill 1MM shank Drills


For 3

0.19 MM Drill


0.22MM Drill

0.24MM Drill

0.25MM Drill

0.26MM Drill

0.27MM Drill

0.27MM Drill

0.29MM Drill

0.30MM Drill

0.31MM Drill

0.32MM Drill

0.33MM Drill

0.34MM Drill

0.35MM Drill

0.36MM Drill

0.37 MM Drill

0.38MM Drill

0.39MM Drill

0.41MM Drill

0.43MM Drill

Other Sizes Will Be Added Soon and Small Metric Thread size charts.

e-mail me sales@ba-bolts.co.uk

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