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UNC - UNF Aluminium Unified Studding

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Aluminum UNC Threaded BAR

12" Long

1/4" UNC Aluminium TBAR

5/16" UNC Aluminium TBAR

3/8" UNC Aluminium TBAR

1/2" UNC Aluminium TBAR

Aluminum UNF Threaded BAR

12" Long

1/4" UNF Aluminium TBAR

5/16" UNF Aluminium TBAR

3/8" UNF Aluminium TBAR

1/2" UNF Aluminium TBAR

Other Larger sizes can be manufactured in Steel and Stainless or Phosphor Bronze - Contact for further details

Also Studs with different UNF \ UNC threads on the same stud can also be machined

e-mail me sales@ba-bolts.co.uk

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