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Brass and Steel Metric Washers For Engineers

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Metric Brass Washers


per 20

per 50

1.6MM Brass

2MM Brass

2.5MM Brass

3MM Brass

M3.5 Nickel Plated Brass

4MM Brass

5MM Brass

6M Brass

Metric Steel Washers


per 20

per 50

6MM Steel

8MM Steel

10MM Steel

12MM Steel

Metric Self Colour Spring Washers


per 20

per 50

3MM Spring Washers

3.5MM Spring Washers

4MM Spring Washers

5MM Spring Washers

6MM Spring Washers

Metric Stainless A2 Washers


per 20

per 50

1MM Stainless

1.2MM Stainless

1.4MM Stainless

1.6MM Stainless

2MM Stainless

2.5MM Stainless

3.00MM Stainless

4.00MM Stainless

5.00MM Stainless

5.00MM Large Stainless OD 14.75mm

Metric Stainless A2 Spring Washers


per 20

per 50

2MM Spring Stainless

2.5MM Spring Stainless

M3 Spring Stainless

M4 Spring Stainless

M5 Spring Stainless

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