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Steel Material How Grades Compare

This information is to be used for guide purposes only.

ENG. Grade BS 970 AISI\SAE Description
EN1A 220M07 1113 General purpose Mild Steel
EN1B 240M07 NA  
EN3A 070M20 1023  
EN3B 070M20 1023  
EN5 080M30 1030  
EN5A 080A27 1029  
EN6 080M30 1030  
EN8 080M40 1040 0.4% Medium Carbon Steel ( General Purpose Steel with added strength + Increased Tensile properties
EN8A 080A35 1035  
EN8M 212M36 NA  
EN16 605M36 NA Low Alloy High Tensile Steel
EN18 530M40 5140  
EN19 709M40 NA  
EN24 817M40 4340 Nickel Chromium Molybdenum High Tensile Steel ( Good Wear \Shock Resistance + High Tensile strength up to 1550N/mm2 )
EN25 826M31 NA  
EN26 826M40 NA 2.5% Nickel Chromium Molybdenum High Tensile Steel
EN32A 045M10 1010  
EN32C 080M15 1016  
EN32M 210M15 1117  
EN42 070A78 NA  
EN56A 410S21 410S Silicon Manganese Alloy ( Spring Steel )
EN56B 420S29 420  
EN56C 420S37 NA  
EN56AM 416s21 416  
EN56MB 416S29 NA  
EN56CM 416S37 NA  
EN57 431S29 431  
EN58B 321S31 321  
EN58E 304S15 304  
EN58J 316S16 316L  
EN58M 303S31 303  
EN60 430S32 430  

This infomation is to be used for guide purposes only

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