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Imperial and Metric Hex \ Allen Keys For Model Engineers

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Imperial Hex Keys


per 10

0.028 Inch Hex Key

0.035 Inch Hex Key

0.050 Inch Hex Key

1/16 Inch Hex key

5/64 Inch Hex Key

3/32 Inch Hex Key

1/8 Inch Hex Key

5/32 Inch Hex Key

3/16 Inch Hex Key

7/32 Inch Hex Key

1/4 Inch Hex Key

3/8 Inch Hex Key

Metric Hex Keys


per 10

1.27mm Hex Key

1.5mm Hex Key

"2.50"mm Hex Key

2.5mm Hex Key

3mm Hex key

4mm Hex Key

5mm hex key

6mm Hex Key

Metric Hex Nutspinners


1.5MM Fits 16BA Nuts

2.00MM Fits 14BA Nuts

2.5MM Fits 12BA Nuts

3MM Fits 10Ba Nuts

4MM Fits 8BA + 2MM Nuts

5MM Fits 6BA Nuts + 2.5MM Nuts

Set of 6 Nutspinners as above

5.5MM Fits 3MM Nuts

Metric Hex Driver Set


1.5mm - 2MM - 2.5MM - 3mm Hex \Allen key Driver set

Metal Nutrunner Driver Set


3mm - 3.5MM - 4MM - 4.5mm 5.mm Nut Driver set

BA Spanner Set


1BA- 10BA Open ended spanners

e-mail me sales@ba-bolts.co.uk

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